Friday, February 18, 2011

Zen and the art of...

...motorcycle maintenance.
Well, scooter actually - I had a problem - it refused to accelerate at all... it would start and idle, but as soon as I tried to move off, the engine would die.
Not knowing a whole lot about mechanics, but surmising it was a carburettor problem, I started to strip it down to get to the internals. Not an easy task... but finally got all the bits off... and then it was suggested to me that the standard operating procedure for two-stroke engine problems was to rev the guts out of it. Worth a try. It seemed to rev OK without me sitting on it, so I put it on the centrestand and cranked it up. Seemed to clear the problem. Tried riding it... all good. Whew, I don't know why it worked, but any fix is a good fix, so I put it all back together and off round the bays to test it out.

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