Monday, November 6, 2017

The Future is Here

I couldn't resist checking out the iPhone X in store on launch day. Compared to my iPhone 6 and the 8 plus also on display the screen is incredibly good - punchy colours that aren't overly saturated, crisp detail, deep blacks.... throw in the bigger screen area, great camera specs and video performance and I'm getting a little giddy.... yeah, this could be in my future!
Maybe it'll even get me back to shooting content for this blog as well as Instagram?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Maritime edit

Very poor start to the New Year as far as my blogging is concerned 😕

This shot, taken at Evans Bay Mariner in Wellington, was never going to be a great image, but I decided to try it with a different crop and a boost in saturation and contrast.
Luckily the editing done within Apple's Photos app is non-destructive (until shared from the app), as I was able to revisit the image and alter the crop without losing further quality.
If you decide that you'd rather go back to the original it's as simple as tapping the edit button again and tapping 'revert', or you can select an image, tap the share button and choose to duplicate an image before doing any editing.