Sunday, March 22, 2015


We seem to have a garden that is very popular for Monarch butterflies in late summer so I often chase them with a camera.
I've discovered that they seem less likely to take flight if I'm not directly behind the camera - so I've been putting the iPhone into a bracket on the end of an aluminium painters pole (a giant selfie stick) and using a Bluetooth shutter release.
This has been allowing me to get up close to the creature for stills or video (check out a slo-mo clip on my Instagram feed).
This shot was edited slightly in Camera+ (clarity and vignette) - crop shown to check detail.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Keyboard Extras

Chatting to a friend today about some recent changes to keyboard behaviour on a Mac led me to discover an iOS-like feature that operates under Yosemite - hold down on various keys to give access to accents, etc.(maybe it's been there for a while?).
This led me to check whether my iPhone carrying friend (owner since 3GS) was aware of the press & hold iOS keyboard options... he wasn't - how about you?
To access various URL suffixes in Mail or Safari: hold on the full stop key and slide your finger to the one you want, then release.
To use letter/character accents and special characters: hold on the desired base character (vowels, etc), slide and release.
A different currency symbol: hold on that $ key.